I know. Beer blogs have been done. Even here in South Florida, there is no shortage of them. I’m a fan of the Dos Beerigos blog (dosbeerigos.com), a collaboration of mostly Palm Beach County hardcore beer geeks – as such, they blog mostly from that uber-beer geek side of things, reviewing relatively rare special-release beers from other parts of the country. Getting these beers typically requires ”trading” with other uber-beer geeks from other parts of the country. Well, either that, or one acquires a ticket and travels to the actual brewery on the beer’s release date, stands in line for a few hours, gets utterly smashed on other rare beers people have brought to consume while in line, and finally purchases a few bottles. (See “Dark Lord Day”)

Meanwhile, the South Florida Beer Blog (southfloridabeerblog.com) is a great resource, keeping the community abreast of the latest beer events and happenings around town.

I’m going to try to wedge myself somewhere in between; a “beer blog for the masses.” This won’t be an events blog, though I may post the occasional event. Nor will I focus on reviewing beers that are impossible for the average Miami resident to go out and buy, though I’m sure I’ll end up drooling over a few semi-rarities. I’d say the purpose of this blog is to advocate and educate – I’ll do some style profiles, musings on beery topics such as food pairings, for example, and of course, reviews of specific beers. I also reserve the right to post whatever I want. Hey, it’s my blog! You might see some music and random thoughts here and there, but I promise I won’t turn this into a MP3 blog. Although if doing so gained me a free trip to South By Southwest, I might be tempted. Skaal!

P.S. “Malt bomb” is a term used by beer snobs to label beers that show dense, bready, sweet malt character above all else. If the beer tastes like a handful of malted milk balls or a dense, sweet raisin bread…….it’s probably a malt bomb.


13 Responses to About

  1. Arwen says:

    Just read your “About.” Love the idea of wedging in between the others and reviewing what is mostly available to us poor fools in South Florida with a limited selection outside of the internet and travel. Although, the rare finds you will surely review at times, will undoubtedly be my favorite! Great job, MMB!!!

  2. christy says:

    Hi Patrick!

    I know you’re a beer expert, but I’m wondering if you could recommend some spots in Miami for cheap eats? Local, hidden gems that are cheap and delicious? If anthony bordain was coming to town on a budget, where would you take him?

    Hope to hear from you!!


    • Hi Christy! Hmm, hidden and delicious, we can do that, but unfortunately Miami is not known for its cheap eateries, at least not what I would consider to be quality cheap eateries. But let’s see. What would Anthony Bourdain do? Well, I know he likes stuff like Colombian hot dogs, so I’d probably take him to a popular, inexpensive Colombian place called “La Moon.”

      For my kind of hidden gem, though, there’s a Vietnamese hole in the wall joint in the southern part of the Miami area called “Pho Thang,” I go there often, and it’s cheap and very flavorful – an inexpensive way to get your nuoc cham on for sure. The bill is almost laughable for the quality and amount of food I get there.

      If I think of any more, I’ll list them!

  3. Hey, we met at the federal during the local beer night. I really have been enjoying your blog and appreciate the recommendations from that night. I was just going to head down to dadeland area and remember that you mentioned a place to get really unique stuff down there and can not remember the name.

    Thanks an keep up the good work.

  4. zhilong yang says:


    My name is Zhi from BREW FIU.
    Our school is organizing a beer festival on Sunday Nov 4th, on Biscayne Bay Campus of FIU.
    This event is a Florida ONLY beer festival, we created this to support local breweries and brewers.
    We will be serving spent grain bread, spent grain pretzels with beer butter and beer mustard.

    We were hoping you guys can help us promote the event.

    Please email or call me at 305-310-6825


    Zhilong Yang

  5. bdivvy says:

    Just ran across your blog while research south Florida beer. We are going to be traveling down to that area sometime in the next two months and was wondering what are the beer spots we absolutely need to hit up?

  6. What’s your contact? Want to invite you to an event in Jnauary. Featuring Craft Beer from Whole Foods and FIU B.R.E.W.

  7. Carmen says:

    Hi there,

    I am looking for guest blogger to Mun2Access.com, a trendy magazine published in Miami and Puerto Rico. I was reading your blog and I really like your style. Now we are starting a blog in the digital version of the magazine and we will welcome the opportunity if you accept to write as a guest blogger or re blogging some of your post!

    We will promote your post and we link it back to your blog.

    If you are interested please email me at blog@empresasfh.com

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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