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Harpoon Summer Beer

I’m tired of big beer, big flavor. At least for now. I just spent a week in California, drinking inky red wines in Napa and Sonoma, Consecration at Russian River Brewing, Cable Car, La Folie, and Pliny at the Toronado, … Continue reading

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Brasserie Fantome Magic Ghost

Do I ever have a beer for you all today. I’m going to pull out my bottle of Magic Ghost, by the decidedly eccentric Fantome brewery in Belgium. When I say “eccentric,” I’m not kidding. Dany Prignon is the name … Continue reading

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The Homebrewing Diaries – Co-Co-Coffee Vanilla Stout

Brewing beer is an awful lot harder than I thought it would be. At its heart, beer is simple. Steep some grain in hot water, grab the resulting liquid, boil it with hops, get it into a big jug, dump … Continue reading

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Dogfish Head Immort Ale (2008)

<a In another "case study in aging beer," today I'm cracking open Dogfish Head's infamous Immort Ale, the 2008 vintage. Back then, I always would grab a four-pack of this beer every year, because it had a reputation for aging … Continue reading

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