Einstok Icelandic White Ale

Einstok, part two. Lessss go!

Tonight, the White Ale, in the style of a Belgian witbier. This is not a style I drink or review too often, so enjoy the rarity. Not that I don’t enjoy a good witbier, mind you, I just rarely get around to drinking them. They do make for excellent warm weather drinking, though.

“Witbier” is a term I’ve heard many people translate incorrectly. The assumption is that it means “wheat beer,” but it doesn’t. It means “white beer.” Now, of course, the witbier does happen to be brewed with wheat, but that’s just a happy coincidence.

Einstok’s 5.2% ABV witbier is brewed with coriander and orange peel, which are the classic adjuncts for the style. Along with the noticeable spicy yeast character, the coriander amps up the peppery flavor a bit more, and the orange peel adds a refreshing citrus note. The beer should be highly carbonated, and body very light.

Oh yeah, look at that. That’s white gold, right there. There’s gold in them thar fjords! See, the color really is almost “white,” and the big foam is present too. It’s also a little cloudy with yeast sediment, which you want to see in this style.

Aroma is highly redolent of lemon zest, orange spice tea, even. I think the brewers went with a lot of orange peel and coriander in here. Some musty yeast character, expected and desired in this style.

This is tasty. I’m pretty impressed. I think this blows Hoegaarden out of the water, and I might even like it a little better than Avery’s White Rascal. My all time favorite wit is Troublette from Caracole, though, with Jolly Pumpkin’s Calabaza Blanca a close second, and this just doesn’t have quite the acidity of those beers….but it’s still an excellent effort. Quick carbonic bite refreshes the palate, then a pure coriander spiciness comes through loud and clear amidst citrus accents and a bready wheat backbone.

Real nice witbier here. It’s stylistically accurate, refreshing, and packs a lot of flavor punch at a low alcohol level. The classic witbier food pairing is with moules frites, so do go to town with that one, you will not be disappointed.

Again, Einstok isn’t in South Florida yet, but find an Avery White Rascal, and you’ll do just fine.

SKAAL! (I just feel like I have to end these Einstok reviews this way)

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