Twisted Pine Big Shot Espresso Stout

In another “Making Room In My Fridge” edition of TMMB, I’m drinking Big Shot Espresso Stout from Twisted Pine Brewing Co. in Boulder, Colorado. Seriously, I need to start drinking some of the beer I have, as I’m starting to think I have a collection problem. Beer is for drinking, not for looking at. Anyway, Twisted Pine is a brewery we only recently started to get in the South Florida market – and in all honesty, I’d never heard of it until I started seeing some of its beers popping up on tap at various bars. I seem to remember trying the Hoppy Man IPA at Abraxas one night, and being pleasantly surprised. It’s not Pliny the Elder or anything, but I remember thinking it was a solid beer for the money.

Fast forward to one of my recent beer runs at the liquor store, and I noticed a bomber of this 6% ABV coffee stout from Twisted Pine, $6.99. Not a terrible price for a bomber these days…and coffee stout? You know I’m all about that. Sold. I’m going to pour this into the Dogfish Head snifter and give it a try.

It’s very dark, indicative of a good roasted malt bomb. Not much light gets through when held up to a light. The head looks like espresso crema, and shows outstanding retention. On the nose, this is obvious coffee, with some soapy hop.

This is an example of a one-dimensional brew, executed well. It’s a straight-up coffee beer that doesn’t have too much else going on, so your opinion of this will likely ride upon whether you like espresso or not. It’s roasty with minimal sweetness. Some coffee stouts are more on the flat, syrupy side, but this one is effervescent and lively. Of course, it’s not as strong a beer as many other coffee stouts, so that’s to be expected.

As a fan of coffee stouts, I’d buy again. Tiramisu would be an obvious pairing here, though I’d like to try this with an espresso-bean crusted burger, if there was such a thing. I just Googled it and can’t find a recipe for one, though I did find a Tuscan Espresso Burger on the Food Network’s site that may work. I’d try that recipe, but come on, it calls for instant espresso, which I’m *not* using!

Look for this one at Total Wine or Sunset Corners.

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2 Responses to Twisted Pine Big Shot Espresso Stout

  1. Rob says:

    1. Broke my DFH glass like yours almost a year ago. I have an awesome relationship with them and their crew, spent a fortune on their beers, and basically live in their store. But I refuse to buy another glass from them. I want them to just surprise me one day.

    2. $7 a bomber? Yeah, I hear the “it’s not a bad bomber price”. But I am on a crusade to eliminate bombers or at least their atrocious rate hikes. Would you pay $21 for a six pack for this bullshit stout? I didn’t think so! We need a freakin’ revolution. Like the dudes in Libya.

    3. The beer pretty much sucks. Aroma is great but the old stale coffee flavors taste horrible.

    Let me know if you’d consider boycotting certain breweries and/or beers and/or bomber rates?

    • I kinda liked it! Straightforward coffee and lowish ABV, that’s something I go for. I’m with you on the bomber prices but what are you going to do about it? You mentioned DFH, hell their 750s are pretty expensive. And the Dieu de Ciel beers…extrapolate those singles out to a six pack and you’re talking $30-$35.

      I don’t know how to fight that, other than simply brewing your own beer.

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