Review: Great Divide Titan IPA

I’m going to dispense with the ratings this once and just talk about the beer a bit – I don’t feel like doing math. Today, I’m drinking Titan IPA from Great Divide Brewing Co. out of Denver.

Looking at the bottle, I see that this was bottled on March 16, 2011. That’s not bad – with IPAs like this I want them as fresh as humanly possible, so I can get all that green, pungent, sticky hop character. If you let too much time go by, the hops degrade and drop out. With beers that are *supposed* to be hoppy, you want to drink them sooner rather than later.

So Titan – it’s a pretty gold, typical. Not much lacing (rings of foam sticking to the side of the glass), which I want to see out of a straight-up IPA:

I’m getting pineapple, passionfruit and guava in the nose, mostly, which is great, I love tropical fruit notes in my IPAs. A little Pine-Sol and grapefruit, but neither are dominant.

Bitter up front, with a lot of husky malty sweetness on the back end. Kind of astringent and soapy, which are not necessarily bad things for an IPA. I think I’d just like to taste less of that grainy sweetness, and more of the tropical fruit-hoppy character I was getting in the nose. On the palate I’m getting a lot of the piney, soapy bitterness, and I’m wishing it was juicy tropical fruit instead.

This is not a bad beer; just not my favorite IPA. It’s certifiably under-3-months fresh, though, so if you want some hops, it’s an option. It’s not always easy to find “fresh” IPAs, so drink ’em if you got ’em. Oh, and it’s about 7% alcohol, so one 12 oz. bottle will confer upon you a nice little feel-good buzz.

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