Let’s Talk Tonic

Did you know that it’s next to impossible to get a real gin and tonic in South Florida bars, even in the most upscale of establishments? It’s true. Most bars use this:

This is sugary garbage.

Schweppes uses nearly as much high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as do Coke and Pepsi, so when a gin and tonic is made with this crap, you’re essentially wasting perfectly good gin. Know the grossly artificial sugary aftertaste you get with Coke and Pepsi? Same with this tonic. It makes me laugh to see people order expensive high-end gin, only to mix it with carbonated HFCS-water. Not only that, it’s somewhat lacking in quinine content, an essential element of true tonic water. Quinine is what gives tonic water its bitter, herbal, medicinal bite.

Fortunately, some of our better stores now carry Q tonic water – for a price, of course, but there aren’t that many better options. Whole Foods’ 365 brand tonic water is decent, in the sense that at least it uses real sugar, and amps up the quinine to a more acceptable level. It’s still on the sweet side, though. This, on the other hand, is just about perfect:

This is the tonic water from which dreams are made.

It’s mildly sweetened with agave, so the sweetness here serves as more of a mere counterbalance to the bitter, medicinal quinine, which runs the show. This is much closer to the real thing. so why not try a homemade gin and tonic with it?

A 4-pack costs $7.99, so it’s not cheap….but just try it. You owe it to your gin.

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