Oud Beersel Kriek

It’s 90 degrees outside (I just checked), so I figured it would be a good day to review another beer in a mostly warm-weather beer style, Fruit Lambic. Most people know this style via the Lindemans line of Framboise/Kriek/Peche/Cassis/Pomme sweetened lambics – and don’t get me wrong, those are fine beverages in their own right – but for a more thirst-quenching, authentic fruit-lambic experience? Well, you want a more authentic fruit lambic.

Tart, with only minor naturally-occurring fruit sweetness, these are the perfect hot-day-in-Miami beers. Unfortunately, not many breweries make authentic lambics, so they are somewhat rare and difficult to come by – and when they are found, they tend to be pricey. Oud Beersel Kriek (cherry lambic) is available in South Florida, and is simple yet flavorful, a perfect lambic for beginners, or really, just perfect for a hot day when you don’t really feel much like thinking about your beer.

Yet, I’ll go ahead and think about it. Poured into an oversized wine glass, it’s a natural looking cherry-red, as it should be. Light pink foam that doesn’t retain all that well, but still, this is an attractive kriek:

Of course, what isn't attractive in a Riedel Vinum Extreme? Thanks Wine Goddess 😉

Smells like cherry skins; an ultra-fresh natural cherry smell – the smell of real cherries in all their sweet-and-sour glory. Just a little Jolly Rancher character. Like crushing some cherries in a glass.

This isn’t the most complex kriek in the world, but it is very smooth and easily drinkable. It’s a slightly tart, luxurious natural cherry that is only a little sweet – just like biting into an actual cherry. I can note a little leathery Brettanomyces character if I’m really diving around for it, but all in all, not a funk bomb – it’s a cherry bomb. It’s worth nothing that Oud Beersel makes an “Oude Kriek” that is significantly more acetic, lactic and musty than this beer – so if you want it more complex, seek that one out. This lambic is intensely carbonated, but has a smoother mouthfeel than many, almost a bit creamy by typical lambic standards. That said, it does get a little burpy.

Pair it with afternoons out by the pool. Or, if you wish to get more serious, it could be served with any kind of chocolate dessert for that irresistible cherry-chocolate combo.

Oh yeah, plan on spending $6-8 for a 375ml bottle.

My rating:
Appearance 4.0
Aroma 4.0
Taste 4.5
Mouthfeel 4.0
Overall Impression 4.5
Weighted Average 4.33

Beer Advocate 3.86
Ratebeer 3.42/50/90

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2 Responses to Oud Beersel Kriek

  1. WineGoddess1 says:

    Awe nice wine stem for sure. Looks lovely..:) I have never found a lambic that I like. But it looks delightful, and yes I have had this one believe it or not. Women tend to flock to these kind of beers.. Nice blog and pic..

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